Influencing In Action

Influencing In Action

This course explores the mind/body relationship and invites you to do the same via some simple, but effective exercises...

Influencing In Action
  • The Body Mind Overview

    This video explores the mind/body relationship and invites you to do the same via some simple, but effective exercises...

  • Managing Your Emotional State Overview

    A person's emotional state can be defined as the overall way we feel at any given moment. This state is influenced by three main things explored in the video, which also looks at ways to positively influence the emotions...

  • The Physiology Of Success Overview

    Winners use their physiology in particular ways, understanding how they do this can help you feel and act like a winner.

  • Towards & Away From Language Overview

    Humans are motivated to move away from pain and towards pleasure and this translates into two distinct forms of language, both are explored in this video.

  • Well Formed Outcomes Overview

    A well-formed outcome starts with what a person really desires, this video will help define what you really want.

  • Creating A Positive First Impression Overview

    Knowing how to create a positive first impression is the key influencing skill explained in this video.

  • Matching & Mirroring Overview

    The ability to subtly match and mirror another person is a useful influencing skill looked at in this film.

  • Creating Powerful Presence Overview

    This film will explain what to do to create and maintain a powerful personal presence...

  • Pacing Overview

    Pacing is another useful influencing skill explained in this module...

  • Leading Overview

    To lead someone in your direction of thinking is another subtle skill examined here.

  • Empathic Listening Overview

    To listen with empathy means being able to put yourself in another person's shoes, here's how to do it effectively.

  • Closed vs Open Questions Overview

    This video explores the difference between 'Open' and 'Closed' questions and explains what both are and how to get the answers you need...

  • Communication Model Overview

    A fascinating look at the mechanics of how the mind processes information, something the mind needs to do faster than ever before in today's rapidly paced world...

  • Cause & Effect

    Just because someone believes something, it doesn't make it true. This video explains the techniques you can use to help another person to see this...

  • Comparisons

    Another form of linguistic deletion is the use of comparisons. This video explains how to retrieve the missing information...

  • Fuzzy Nouns

    Fuzzy nouns are used by people who haven't made clear exactly what, or even who, they are talking about.

  • Interpretations

    How do you deal with someone who constructs a belief out of two separate generalisations? Watch this video to find out...

  • Introduction - Influencing In Action

    Much of the information we take in becomes deleted, distorted or generalised in some way to prevent us becoming overwhelmed by too much data. This video introduces a model that can help you decode information hidden in people's communications...

  • Mind Reading

    People often claim to know exactly why another person has done something or even what they're thinking, this video shows you tactful ways to respond to such 'mind-reading' statements.

  • Opinions As Facts

    We each inhabit our own individual world and people often present their perceptions as universal truths, this video shows you how to detect and deal with this language pattern.

  • Rules - Influencing In Action

    Another form of generalisation is the belief someone develops that they have no choice but to behave in a particular way, as though obeying some unspoken rule. This video shows how to recognise and deal with such self-limiting behaviour, in yourself and others...

  • Universals

    A universal allows no exceptions and being able to respond appropriately when someone uses them, is another useful skill...

  • Vague Verbs

    When a speaker omits important information by deleting a verb, it's useful to know how to retrieve it. This video shows you how...

  • Reframing Overview

    The only meaning anything has is the meaning a person puts on it. Knowing how to reframe negative meanings into positive ones is another influencing skill...