Confidence & Self-Esteem

Confidence & Self-Esteem

Many of us focus on what we perceive as the negative side of our looks and personality. When we look in the mirror we search for the blemish. Of course, this can lower confidence and self-esteem. To help change a negative mindset, we must first notice the greatness of others, and in turn ourselves.

Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Be Nice & Compliment

    Many of us focus on what we perceive as the negative side of our looks and personality. When we look in the mirror we search for the blemish. Of course, this can lower confidence and self-esteem. To help change a negative mindset, we must first notice the greatness of others, and in turn ourselves.

  • How Often Do You Say Sorry?

    For many of us, saying the word 'sorry' doesn't necessarily mean we're feeling apologetic. It's a word that we just mysteriously mutter when someone accidentally bumps into us, or sometimes randomly at the beginning of a sentence. Start noticing every time you use the word 'sorry' and ask yoursel...

  • How To Respond To A Compliment

    We all like to be praised, and yet how easy is it to deflect a compliment or even outright refuse it? Simply accepting a compliment can go a long way to improving your confidence.

  • Introduction To The Power Of Presence

    Being the loudest in the room doesn't make you the most confident. Voice coach and author, Patsy Rodenburg puts this best by describing how we're always in one of three circles of presence.

  • It's All In The Smile

    When you smile, the world smiles too. That's because mirror neurons in the brain make us smile in return. Prompting others to smile will make you more cheerful and relaxed. Research shows that smiling lowers the heart rate and helps you cope more effectively in stressful situations...

  • Talk To More People

    One of the greatest ways of developing your confidence is simply to get out there and meet new people. You can try to meet someone new every day or start conversations by simply saying 'hello'...

  • Where Is Your Focus?

    We have a voice in our heads - the inner monologue that constantly comments on how we feel. The trouble is, this voice loves to focus on the negative, basing its opinion largely on inappropriate measures such as our fears and emotional state.

  • Are You Breathing?

    The secret to deep breath, and true relaxation, is hidden in the term, deep breath.

  • It's In The Environment

    We all tend to change depending on who we're with and the environment we're in.

  • The Big Grin

    Ever find yourself in a mood where whatever happens, it's bad news? You turn up to work and the smallest thing can feel like the world is about to end? Here's a very simple exercise to help you build back your self-esteem. An exercise you won't believe until you try, and one you must commit to fo...

  • The Pep Talk

    The Pep Talk. You might have seen other people giving themselves a good talking to in front of the mirror before a big event, either in films or in real life. But have you ever done it? It may seem silly, but it's a habit worth acquiring.

  • The Posture Exercise Plan

    We hear it all the time, sit up straight if you want to come across well. Stand tall if you want to be taken seriously. Does slouching really have a negative effect?. According to a review of more than 100 studies, poor posture can be linked to: breathing problems | falls | depression.

  • The Power Pose

    Our body and mind are intrinsically connected. The way we stand, walk or hold ourselves changes the way we feel. For example, the Power Pose is used by people in need of instant confidence, before an interview, before delivering a presentation.

  • Visualisation - Confidence & Self - Esteem

    Visualisation is the act of imagining yourself undertaking an upcoming task and watching your future performance from the comfort of your own mind. Athletes use this technique regularly...

  • Who Is Your Confidence Role Model?

    Confidence isn't an unattainable goal owned by others. Instead, think of confidence as a result of many different factors. To have true confidence we must break down what these factors are and 'fake it, until we make it'.

  • A Positive Note

    People will often say good things about you, your work or attitude. But do you really hear them? The power of noting positive feedback in both home and work life can be incredibly rewarding, and will help you to achieve a healthier opinion of yourself.

  • Dress To Impress

    Dress to impress. An obvious solution that's often forgotten when we have lower self-esteem. However, dressing well makes it easier for us to feel good. We can look in the mirror and see the most confident version of ourselves.

  • Get Active

    Confidence and self-esteem are connected to physical activity. There are countless studies connecting happiness to exercise, and most of us can appreciate the benefits, the difficulty is finding the self-motivation to get those running shoes on.

  • Observe & Admire

    According to a recent study, when we judge ourselves, we're likely to do the same to others and take to hear what they say about us. All this judgement makes sustaining self-confidence difficult, as it puts emotional, reactionary barriers in the way of gaining greater self-control over your self-...

  • Pump Up The Music

    We've all seen it, the athletes before a race, preparing for their moment of glory. Have you noticed how many of them are wearing headphones, eyes closed or steely in focus, gently nodding away to music? They seem to be pumping themselves up, with the intention of winning, of success.

  • Three Good Things

    Research has shown hat gratitude is vital to how good we feel both socially and psychologically. It raises overall satisfaction with life and helps create an overall positive outlook. Not only that, gratitude is linked to an increase in the ability to achieve our goals.

  • Your Are What You Eat

    When you have a good, balanced diet, you are more likely to feel balanced in yourself, and to have control over your feelings and actions. And some researchers think there's a direct link between diet and serotonin levels.

  • Your Confidence Buddy

    Some mornings, we wake up and don't feel comfortable in our own skins. It could be because something important is coming up, or we slept poorly, or we might be brooding about the way someone spoke to us the day before. Talking though how we're feeling with someone we trust can help change our min...

  • Actions - Confidence & Self - Esteem

    Welcome to the last video of this course. Remember, confidence is a result of your behaviours. If you wish to better your confidence and self-esteem, you must first change the way you behave. Watch this short film for a recap of the key areas to address.