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Confidence & Self-Esteem • 2m 3s

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  • Pump Up The Music

    We've all seen it, the athletes before a race, preparing for their moment of glory. Have you noticed how many of them are wearing headphones, eyes closed or steely in focus, gently nodding away to music? They seem to be pumping themselves up, with the intention of winning, of success.

  • Three Good Things

    Research has shown hat gratitude is vital to how good we feel both socially and psychologically. It raises overall satisfaction with life and helps create an overall positive outlook. Not only that, gratitude is linked to an increase in the ability to achieve our goals.

  • Your Are What You Eat

    When you have a good, balanced diet, you are more likely to feel balanced in yourself, and to have control over your feelings and actions. And some researchers think there's a direct link between diet and serotonin levels.