Personal Impact - Part 2

Personal Impact - Part 2

Congruence occurs when what we're thinking, what we're saying and how we're moving, all agree...

Personal Impact - Part 2
  • Overview - Personal Impact - P2 #1

    Congruence occurs when what we're thinking, what we're saying and how we're moving, all agree.

  • Eye Contact

    How do we establish trust? Speak from passion and authenticity? Create lasting connection to others? Eye contact is an extraordinarily powerful tool to create all of the above and more.

  • How To Use It

    So many of us think we're being neutral‚ when in fact we're anything of the sort...

  • Introduction - Personal Impact - P2 #1

    So much about how we feel is communicated through our facial features. Our face is therefore a great tool for engaging and building rapport.

  • Overview - Personal Impact - P2 #2

    Often called the barometer of our emotions, hands are enormously important when we speak. As they lie closer to our brain than our legs, they're used most frequently by us to register our mood and to convey our intention.

  • Gestures - Personal Impact - P2

    Gestures are a great way to up your personal impact.

  • Hand Gestures

    Gesturing helps to emphasise and animate the words when you're talking. It is a natural way to express what's being said...

  • Handshakes

    The first thing we do when we meet someone for the first time is shake their hand. This has a huge impact on the first impression we create...

  • Introduction - Personal Impact - P2 #2

    Arms can indicate our level of comfort. For example, a well-known phrase is to welcome someone with open arms...

  • What Your Arms Are Telling Other People

    When thinking about the impact you make, it's a good idea to be aware that most people are experts at reading and understanding body language...

  • Introduction - Personal Impact - P2 #3

    We can inadvertently create barriers with our legs, so be mindful when crossing them. Too closed or at the wrong angle can seem as though we're anxious or emotional; too open, and they could display arrogance or disengagement...

  • Sitting

    This video looks at what the legs can convey when someone is sitting.

  • Standing

    Sitting legs convey as much as standing legs. Especially hidden beneath a desk when they can convey a lot more truth than when exposed to view...

  • Cultural Differences

    The distance you stand or sit away from someone is driven to a large extent by the culture you were bought up in...

  • Introduction - Personal Impact - P2 #4

    The distance we are from the subject of our communication will impact our relationship with them. Too far and we appear distant and uninterested, too close and we promote discomfort and can appear threatening...

  • Actions - Personal Impact - P2

  • Beware Of Qualifiers

    Qualifiers have a clear grammatical function: either to make another word stronger (very, really, uniquely) or to tone it down (fairly, quite, sort of)

  • How To Avoid Saying Um & Er

    This simple exercise is for those of you whose favourite space filler is 'um‚ err, or'...

  • Introduction - Personal Impact - P2 #5

    Being aware of the impact your language choices can have will make you a better communicator.

  • Overview - Personal Impact P2 #3

    People with great impact use a wider vocal range when communicating...

  • Introduction - Personal impact - P2 #6

    Energy is the fuel of good communication and conversation is about an exchange of energy...

  • Matching

    People have natural levels of energy, where they feel comfortable. This is about making sure yours matches theirs.

  • Overview - Personal Impact - P2 #4

    The emphasis you use will dictate how well your words are remembered and interpreted.

  • Commit To The Words You Use Everyday

    There are some words and phrases we use every day - but remember, not everyone will be familiar with them...