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Positive Energy Rituals

Personal Effectiveness & Wellbeing • 2m 25s

Up Next in Personal Effectiveness & Wellbeing

  • Relationships

    Managing emotional energy can seem trickier and more complex than managing physical energy. Healthy friendships can be an excellent source of positive energy and renewal.

  • Self Confidence

    Many of our coaching clients want to feel more confident. Whether it's the senior leader with imposter syndrome or the successful person with doubts about their abilities, we've all felt it at some point. Lacking confidence is like an all-pervading illness, and many of us hope for something like ...

  • Self Control

    We place far too much value on discipline and willpower. We think that exercising self- control, trying harder or being more focused will somehow help us achieve what we want. But there's a major flaw in that thinking. We use up our energy reserves for self-control very quickly. The less we need ...