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Self Confidence

Personal Effectiveness & Wellbeing • 1m 46s

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  • Self Control

    We place far too much value on discipline and willpower. We think that exercising self- control, trying harder or being more focused will somehow help us achieve what we want. But there's a major flaw in that thinking. We use up our energy reserves for self-control very quickly. The less we need ...

  • Creativity

    Our brains use up a great deal of energy. Though it comprises only 2% of our body's mass the brain uses up an astonishing 25% of its oxygen. The more time we spend in sustained conscious thought without taking a break, the more susceptible we'll be to lapses in judgment. In business, we tend to e...

  • Effective Time Management

    Managing our energy, not our time, is the key to high performance. Time management is not a goal in itself. Instead, it serves the pursuit of effective energy management.