Personal Brand

Personal Brand

Personal Brand is what others say about you when you're not in the room. This course of videos is about making sure what they say is favourable...

Personal Brand
  • What Is Personal Brand?

    Personal Brand is what others say about you when you're not in the room. This course of videos is about making sure what they say is favourable...

  • Personal Impact, Image & Brand - The Differences

    This video is a reminder of how personal brand differs from personal impact and personal image...

  • How To Be Perceived Well

    Virtually everyone wishes to be perceived well. Here are some steps you can take to start the process...

  • The Law Of Authenticity

    Everyone likes people who are authentic. This video explores this idea...

  • The Law Of Distinction

    Many business people try to be quite good at most things but forget to be truly outstanding at one or two key skills that would really make them stand out.

  • The Law Of First Impressions

    It's well known that a strong first impression can really help oil the wheels of a good relationship. This video explains how to create the best possible first impression...

  • The Law Of Goodwill

    The law of goodwill is about building effective partnerships through generosity and reciprocity.

  • The Law Of Leadership

    Leadership is for everyone and anyone can work to exhibit leadership behaviours to help them become the leaders of tomorrow.

  • The Law Of Reputation

    Every action and interaction will affect a person's reputation either positively or negatively. Here are some tips around how to nurture and protect your reputation...

  • The Law Of Visibility

    To be successful, your personal brand must be seen over and over again, until it imprints itself on the consciousness of its domain or sphere of influence...

  • Creating Your Brand

    Individual values lie at the foundation of any effective personal brand, and this video discusses why it's important to choose yours carefully.

  • Accountability - Personal Brand

    Accountability, in the communications senseā€š means taking responsibility for what you say. It also means doing what you say you'll do, taking and not passing the buck.

  • Adaptability

    This video helps you understand what adaptability means and has some tips to help you develop this skill.

  • Authority

    We're influenced by people in authority all our lives, and there's some authority we like and some we don't. Authoritative communicators are influencers, not brow-beaters...

  • Balance

    The best managers stay in control of themselves and their emotions; they stay balanced...

  • Cognisance

    Cognisance is a combination of how a person feels, and understanding the effect they have on those around them...

  • Delegation

    At the heart of genuine delegation is the word trust...

  • Insight

    You have to understand your team members in order to manage them well...

  • Networking

    Networking is the ability to form and sustain close working relationships with everyone in your team...

  • Objectivity

    We are unbiased and objective when we are not influenced by personalfeelings, interpretations and prejudices.

  • Motivation

    Successful leaders are successful motivators and the key is your workplace attitude.

  • Actions - Personal Brand

    Building your personal brand is a lifelong pursuit. But this final video reminds us there are some simple ways that you can get started.