Managing Up

Managing Up

It can be incredibly useful for you and your manager to check in on what your priorities are and how this should affect the way you spend your working hours.

Managing Up
  • Check-In On Your Priorities

    It can be incredibly useful for you and your manager to check in on what your priorities are and how this should affect the way you spend your working hours.

  • Establish Ground Rules

    Bruce Tulgan, author of "It's Okay to Manage Your Boss", believes the secret of Managing Up is in establishing ground rules as soon as possible.

  • Find Out What Works

    We're all different. In the way we think, connect and communicate. So it's important to understand which method of communication and way of working is most appropriate with your manager.

  • Get To Know Your Boss

    If there's a golden rule to communication, it's this: Communication has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with your audience. Managing up is no different. To achieve this, you must first get to know your boss.

  • Imagine The Bigger Picture

    When we're stuck in our day-to-day work, it's easy to get frustrated by our relationships with people in management roles. They can seem remote, or simply uninterested in the minutiae of our daily concerns...

  • Amplification

    In the last video, we discussed the importance of not trying to manipulate the views of your manager by way of flattery, but instead, aiming for something more genuine and results driven.

  • Get Specific

    "Could you take care of this?" The simple and oh so common request that's as vague as it's infuriating. And what's his or her response when you ask your manager these questions: "Wait, how, exactly, do you want me to accomplish this? By what time on what day? Do you want me to stop doing the othe...

  • Share Your Ideas

    If you have the confidence to share your ideas with your manager at the appropriate moments, it can have a long-lasting impact. It plays an integral role in implementing change, and can be of great benefit when managing up.

  • Top Questions For Your Manager

    Learning more about how your manager works and what they're looking to achieve can be of huge benefit when managing up.

    Get to know your managers preferences for taking in information, making decisions, structuring their day, and communicating with others.

  • What To Avoid

    When managing up there are many pitfalls to be aware of. Here are three of the most common, and the most important.

  • Avoid Being Overloaded

    Your manager will need dedication and commitment from you in your role. In return, they should be aware of what's possible, making sure not overload you with an unrealistic schedule.

  • Be The Solution

    We should always strive to be the person who takes the lead on a new project, or who handles a problem or difficulty; the first person our manager turns to when in need.

  • Build On Their Strengths

    Leaders are often encouraged to focus on their employees strengths rather than their weaknesses, because it yields better results. Doing the same when managing up will have a similar outcome.

  • Build Your Network

    Don't shy away from seeking help when managing up. Instead, take any opportunity to develop a network of people who can be a positive influence on you and your career.

  • Actions - Managing Up

    This is the final video of the course, but for you, it's just the beginning. The work really starts now. This video re-caps on all the key learning points...