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Writing For Amiables

Slide Deck Skills • 1m 34s

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  • Writing For Analyticals

    Analytical personalities tend to be detail-oriented. They prefer to have a lot of information so they can fully understand a situation. They also need time to process all of the data before they feel comfortable taking action or making a decision.

  • Writing For Drivers

    Drivers tend to be very task-oriented people. They're decisive and like to be the ones in control. They don't need a lot of personal rapport in order to get business done. Likewise, they also don't need much detail in order to make their decisions.

  • Writing For Expressives

    Expressive personality types tend to be the big idea people. You might find them in the Sales and Marketing departments. They are often big-picture thinkers, and effective team builders. Personal rapport is very important to an expressive.