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Innovative Thinking

Mindfulness For Busy People • 1m 58s

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  • The ACC & The Insula

    A mindfulness practice has been shown to result in an increase in grey matter within the ACC, the executive centre of the brain. It's the job of the ACC to tone down the reactivity of the amygdala, and to help us make decisions in a more balanced and informed way.

  • The Amygdala

    A growing number of neuroscience studies have shown the impact a mindfulness practice has on key areas of the brain. This video explains the particular effect a mindfulness practise has on the amygdala - and why that matters.

  • Body Scan

    In this video, we're going to demonstrate a short version of the body scan. We'll perform a quick sweep, using our breath as a guide, starting from the feet and going through each area of the body.