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The Baltimore Stockbroker

Critical Thinking • 4m 12s

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  • The Missing Premise

    Now in this video we're going to look at something that is common to many fallacies, and also explains why most of the time we're not sure when faced with fallacious reasoning, which fallacy it actually it is.

  • The Halo Effect - Critical Thinking

    The halo effect is when someone is good in one area, we naturally assume they will be good in another, and vice-versa, even if there is no good reason to make that assumption.

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    The word, IF, in the English language is ambiguous. 'Marcus will go to the party if Stephanie goes'. Surely that means that whether Marcus goes to the party depends on if Stephanie is going, and if she doesn't go, Marcus won't? However, Marcus will also go to the party IF Marianne goes. That's wh...