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Necessary & Sufficient Conditions

Critical Thinking • 4m 4s

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  • The Slippery Slope Fallacy

    A slippery slope argument (also known as a thin end of the wedge argument) is when we say that by taking such and such a step we will tread on a slippery slope and slide all the way down to the bottom. Some slippery slope arguments are fallacies, you need to know how to tell which.

  • Loaded Question

    Here's a loaded question: 'Have you stopped lying on your tax return?' If you answer 'Yes', it sounds as if you've been lying on your tax return. And if you say 'No', it sounds as if you still do it. Clearly, loaded questions can be hard to spot and to defend yourself against.

  • Social Proof - Critical Thinking

    Social Proof is a cognitive bias that states that what a large number of people believe must be correct. The trouble is, it can also be a logical fallacy.