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Values, Opinions & Beliefs - Part 2

Conflict Resolution • 2m 10s

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  • Uncontrollable Factors

    The cyclical nature of business causes periodic swings from high profits and development to big losses, inevitable lay-offs and organisational change. It can make employees feel isolated and uncertain about their future, stressed and ripe for conflict. It's hard to stay positive when you're faced...

  • Breathe

    Recent studies have proven what yogis have known for 2,500 years. That slow breathing, 4-7 breaths per minute, can greatly reduce stress and inhibit fight or flight responses in your amygdala. Both are essential to maintaining your balance in a conflict.

  • Introduction To Meditation

    Recent University of Massachusetts research has proved how beneficial meditation can be. Meditation helps you increase grey matter concentration in the brain regions involved in self-awareness, empathy, emotional regulation, learning and memory, all these areas are essential for maintaining objec...