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Watch this video and more on LEARNFLIX

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  • Hydration

    Recent research estimates that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated most of the time. That's pretty shocking when you consider the effect dehydration has on your body, mind and energy.

  • Interval Resting

    Marathon runners know that to run faster, you need to run slower. What that means is that if you start runs more slowly and use your energy efficiently, you'll have more energy when you need it towards the end. By running slower at times, your overall runs become faster. The same applies at work....

  • Introduction To Physical Energy

    Physical energy is the most fundamental source of all our energy. It's the root of our alertness and vitality. It allows us to think creatively, to manage emotions, to perform even basic tasks. The importance of physical energy is often overlooked by leaders and managers in business who expect th...