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Watch this video and more on LEARNFLIX

Empathy - Personal Effectiveness & Wellbeing

Personal Effectiveness & Wellbeing • 2m 2s

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  • Introduction To Emotional Energy

    Do you know someone who'll find a reason to get upset, regardless of what happens to them? Conversely, do you know people find a positive to focus on and be happy, regardless of what they experience or feel? How we manage our emotions has a profound impact on how fulfilled and happy we are. Posit...

  • Listening Skills

    Communication skills are vitally important and influence every part of your life. Of all those communication skills, listening is the most important.

  • Negative Emotions

    Negative emotions can be useful: they help us evaluate our experience. But From an energy perspective, negative emotions are exhausting. Carrying negative emotions around with us is like going for a long hike wearing a heavy backpack. Your energy will run out far more quickly than it would if you...