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Dealing With Stars

Navigating Office Politics • 1m 13s

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  • Four Ways To Tackle Difficult Behaviour

    There are many ways of looking at office behaviour, but perhaps the most insightful is taken from Jane Clark's book 'Savvy'. In it, she helps categorise the different behaviours you may see at the office, in an effort to uncover best practices. Clark divides political behaviour into two main cate...

  • Blame Culture

    In the workplace, focussing solely on someone's actions, and ignoring the circumstances, intentions, or character of the person can promote the idea that tough sanctions for misdemeanours will improve performance, and that firm discipline will 'focus the mind'.

  • Symptoms Of Office Politics

    There are some obvious signs that you're caught in negative office politics. Look for these signs: Feeling caught in the middle of different factions | People stealing credit that you should receive. People encroaching on your territory, feeling like you're dealing with hidden agendas, being held...