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Fundamental Attribution Error

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The Circular Argument Fallacy

Critical Thinking • 2m 30s

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  • Fundamental Attribution Error

    We're going to examine a cognitive bias called the fundamental attribution Error. It's called fundamental because it's really basic and common. Attribution because it's about attributing blame and, error because it's a big mistake to make. Watch the video to discover more...

  • Ad Hominem

    This name comes from the Latin and translates as 'On The Man'. So instead of attacking the argument we attack the man who makes it.

  • Straw Man Fallacy

    A 'Straw Man' is a pretend or imaginary enemy. Soldiers training for battle may use a human figure made of straw as a target for practice. Unsurprisingly, they find it easy to destroy the man made out of straw. In an argument, a straw man is a false version of your opponent's position...