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Causes & Correlations

Critical Thinking • 3m 25s

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  • The Gamblers Fallacy

    Perhaps the most common fallacy in our reasoning about probability is the Gambler's Fallacy which is the belief that if something hasn't happened for a long time it's bound to happen soon. But is this true?

  • The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

    We all need to be aware of the phenomenon of the self-fulfilling prophecy, a prediction that causes itself to come true, it's well attested, with countless examples in practice.

  • A False Dichotomy - Part 1

    Speakers use False Dichotomy when they want to shake people out of a neutral position by saying that a neutral position is impossible. Of course, they know that a neutral position IS possible. What they're really saying is that the neutral position is unacceptable...