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Stick To The Facts

Conflict Resolution • 1m 40s

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  • Using A Neutral Party

    If you're not sure you'll be able to maintain objectivity in the midst of a conflict resolution, using a neutral third party can help. A neutral party will provide an objective perspective, and will be able to focus the needs, desires, or concerns that underlay each sides position.

  • Using Positive Language

    What's the difference between saying 'You constantly undermine my authority in front of my team! I'de prefer it if you discussed these types of issues with me in private'. The first is an emotionally charged attack and the second is an assertive request that includes a potential solution.

  • Actions - Conflict Resolution

    In conclusion, this video has some last thoughts to round off this course. Always remember that conflict does have a positive side. It can promote collaboration, improve performance, foster creativity and innovation, and build deeper relationships...